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That exact night, Einav was on vacation in his homeland and was booked to perform with his longtime fellows in a cozy little venue in Jerusalem. He postponed sending the email with the signed contract to South Korea for the morning after.
While in the car from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Einav spoke in enthusiasm about the move, and how much he's looking forward to it. However, deep inside, a murmur of doubt started to bubble up, one that Einav felt a few weeks before, but was dismissed immediately in front of the lucrative contract conditions. The band arrived at the Jerusalemite venue, set up the instruments, started telling old stories, and once the bassist came, an uptempo rendition of Woody 'n You, followed by a mellow version of Skylark. Soon enough, Einav felt this bubble of doubt choking his throat; he had to stop, take a deep breath, and continued playing, enjoying the drummer's swinging ride cymbal, soaking the beautiful voicings of the piano, and leaning on a forest of steady walking basslines.

11:45pm, Einav & the two Jonathans (Riklis & Rosen) left Jerusalem on the usual expressway, Road N.1 to Tel Aviv. Suddenly, about halfway to Tel Aviv, after some musical gossip, and after few warnings from the GPS, they reached a point of no return due to a blocked road. Einav, behind the wheel, took the last chance of turning around and drove back to Jerusalem, now choosing the northern exit towards Tel Aviv. There was no much talking in the car, just Monk & Duke Pearson albums playing in the background.
The silent, clear night, the turnaround, the swing, made Einav rethink his future steps. At 2 am, after dropping both Jonathans in Tel Aviv, Einav called home and told his spouse that they aren't moving to South Korea. She did not speak with him for 3 days.

Edited by the phenomenal pianist and writer, Jeremy Siskind.